Stay safe this winter by following a few of our tips.

Get Winter Tires

Many people don’t notice their tires until there’s an issue like a flat or excessive wear that cannot pass inspection. But here in Erie, PA, winter throws a lot at your tires, and it’s smart to invest in snow tires. Snow tires can help you stay safe when the roads are covered in snow and ice.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Even if you have winter tires, the cold temperatures can cause tire pressure to drop. Make sure your tires can do their job by keeping them up to the correct pressure. Many gas stations offer free air pumping.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

A gas tank that’s low on gas could allow water to freeze in your pump. Make sure to keep your tank at least half full to prevent freezing.

Be Ready for Breakdowns

It’s better to be safe than sorry. In case of an auto breakdown in the snow, keep all the necessities in your car: blanket, water, shovel, flashlight, and de-icing spray.

Know Your Local Auto Specialists

Of course, you can always count on the help of the mechanics at one of Erie, PA’s favorite auto repair shops: Precision Alignment & Brake. Keep us in mind this winter for all your auto repair needs, and be sure to stay safe!

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