At Precision Alignment & Brake, we offer brand-new quality tires with fair prices including Cooper Tires, Toyo Tires and more. When you purchase new tires from us, you will enjoy free, lifetime tire mounting, spin balancing, flat repairs, alignment checks, pressure checks, tire rotation, and more.

Shopping for new tires can be confusing. If you understand what tire numbers mean, it can help. At Precision Alignment & Brake, we can also help you pick out the best tires for your car and budget. Installing the wrong tires on your vehicles can have serious impacts on the performance of your vehicle.

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On the side of your tires, you will find a series of numbers and letters. These stand for specific tire class, tread width, aspect ratio, speed rating, wheel diameter, load index and more. There is also a DOT number on the tire indicating it has met safety requirements. Tires also come in a variety of tread designs for different road conditions. When you are looking for new tires in the Erie, PA area, rely on the team at Precision Alignment & Brake.

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In order to keep all four tires in the best condition, it’s important to have them rotated every 6,000 miles or so. If your tires are unevenly worn, you’ll need new tires sooner, and you’ll also experience poor gas mileage. Let us keep your tires newer, for longer! The next time you get your oil changed, ask us about tire rotation.

Please note: If you use studded snow tires, ensure they are removed by April 15th! Contact us today!

Off-Road Tires

Many of us in Erie, PA enjoy a little off-roading from time to time. Having the correct tire on your vehicle of choice allows you to have a great time and have fun. When choosing an off-road tire, it is important to consider the most extreme situation the tire will be in, how often it will be in that situation, and how you would like it to perform. Figuring out how often you will be off-road with your vehicle versus how often it will be on pavement will help you determine the best option for you. Then there is the tread pattern and tire size you have to decide on. Determining which tire size and tread pattern will be your best option is tricky and discussing it with a professional is recommended. We would be happy to discuss your off-road tire needs to help you choose the best tire for your vehicle.

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Getting new tires for your vehicle is an investment. To protect this investment, it is wise to take care of your tires, which will help extend their lifespan. The following tips can help you maintain your new tires:

Tire rotations – The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends having your tires rotated on a certain schedule. This can be found in your owner’s manual. Rotations help balance out tire wear.

Check tire pressure – By checking the pressure of your tires, you will be aware of proper inflation. When your tires are underinflated, it can cause uneven wear on your tires and you could be at risk for braking and handling abilities. When tires are inflated at the proper amount, this helps to extend the life of the tire and improves your safety.

Balancing tires – It is important to maintain the proper balance with your tires. If you’ve hit bumps, potholes, or a curb while backing up, your balance may have fallen out of place. You’ll be able to tell at high speeds, as your wheel may begin to shake. We can get your tires back in balance for your comfort and safety.

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