Trailer Hitches

Pursue your passion and take adventure out on the road with you. Whether you’re looking to transport a camper, boat, cargo trailer, or anything in between, your vehicle will need a sturdy and secure hitch attachment. Precision Alignment & Brake supplies a variety of quality trailer hitches for drivers in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. Our trailer hitches work for cars and trucks alike, and range from light to heavy-duty capabilities. Each style of hitch we offer features a rust protection coating and has passed rigorous safety tests. They can be mounted to the front or rear of your vehicle either by attaching to the bumper or being welded on. Our experts will also outfit your car or truck with an accompanying electronic brake controller. This allows your trailer to stop on a dime without wearing on your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors. Give us a call or stop by today to shop our selection of reliable trailer hitches!
Trailer Hitches

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Trailer hitches offer many practical uses beyond pulling a trailer. They can act as a step to help get into the back of your truck more easily or as a safety bumper to add an extra layer of protection against rear-end collisions. A number of alternative hitch accessories are available on the market as well, including hammocks, picnic tables, safes, and barbecue grills. With the right attachments, a trailer hitch can double as a rack for bicycles, canoes and kayaks, skis and snowboards, and more. You can even make your truck work double-time for you during the off-season with a snow plow blade for your front hitch. With so much versatility and convenience at your fingertips, be sure to visit us to have your new trailer hitch installed today!