State Inspections

All registered cars in the state of Pennsylvania are required to obtain an annual inspection on their vehicles. Vehicles are inspected in two different categories: safety and emissions. Precision Alignment & Brake in Erie, PA is a certified auto repair shop authorized to perform PA inspections.

Our mechanics perform inspections with fast, friendly and efficient services. During the safety testing, vehicles are inspected to check the safety and performance of a variety of parts.
State Inspection

Our mechanics check many parts during an inspection including:
• Suspension • Steering • Braking • Tires • Lighting/Electrical • Mirrors • Speedometer • Odometer
• Horn • Seatbelts • And More!


Vehicles are also inspected in regard to emissions. This portion of the inspection was created to meet specific air quality concerns and in efforts to clean the air in PA and keep it clean in the future. Parts of the vehicle that are inspected include the catalytic converter, air injection system, gas caps, on-board diagnostics, and more.

If a vehicle does not pass inspection, you must make repairs to the vehicle. Because we’re a full-service center with certified mechanics, we can help with your auto repair needs. Vehicles have 30 days to obtain the necessary repairs. If you should wait longer than 30 days or take your vehicle to a different repair shop, you will have to pay the inspection fee again.

Did you know that your state inspection can be completed three months in advance? Call today to get it over with. Out of all the PA State inspection stations in Erie, PA, we’re the one you can count on for prompt and comprehensive service!