Shocks & Struts


Without functioning shocks and struts, your suspension system isn’t going to work as it should. Controlling motion and alignment angles is the name of the game, and the key players are your shock absorbers and struts.

If this system isn’t functioning, you’ll notice that your tires wear faster than they should. If your components are worn or loose, we’ll be able to help here at Precision Alignment & Brake.

If your vehicle has poor steering response or you notice leaking fluid from the body of your shock or strut, these are just a few of the signs letting you know it’s time for a replacement. We use the best brands in the business and will be able to find the parts you need for a quick and effective fix.

By the time our mechanics are done, your vehicle will be more responsive to braking, lane changes, and you’ll also experience less bounce over bumps. Stop by today!