The pros at Precision Alignment & Brake can help you with a lot more than just muffler repairs. We can help you when you need repairs or service for your car’s exhaust system. Your exhaust system plays an important role in your vehicle. It brings all of the gases that are released by your car engine’s cylinders and diverts them away from your vehicle. One component of your exhaust system that is very important is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter makes sure that the emissions are not harmful to the environment. If you are not sure if your catalytic converter is up to par with all of the environmental safety guidelines, stop into our auto repair shop. Our team will help you with all of your exhaust system service and vehicle maintenance needs. Contact us for exhaust system service in the Erie, PA area.


From the muffler to the catalytic converter and the tailpipe, our skilled team of mechanics are available to handle all aspects of exhaust system repair and maintenance. Our certified mechanics can update your system to meet all codes, or we can look into whether or not your check engine light turning on has to do with exhaust emissions. Visit us today!