Anyone who has seen a Pennsylvania winter knows that you need your car to be in its best shape to keep you and your family safe. Roads get snowy and icy and trips get longer so it is essential to make sure your car is ready to face Mother Nature this year. Here are some tips to prepare your car for this winter:

1. Check your tires 
Tires are crucial to both braking and steering, and old tires can be extremely dangerous in the winter. The mechanics at Precision Alignment can take a quick look at your tires, know if they need to be replaced, and send you on your way with new tires if needed. 

2. Bring your car in for basic vehicle maintenance 
Precision Alignment & Brake can help make sure that your anti-freeze and coolant are topped off and ready for the tough, long winter. 

3. Check your battery
Batteries take an extra beating during the winter months. Cold temperatures are hard on them and they are expected to work extra hard with the increased use of heat and lights. So, before you find yourself with a dead battery on a cold, snowy day get yours checked and possibly replaced. 

4. Pack a winter emergency bag for your car
We hope you are never stuck or stranded in your car on a snowy winter day but, it could happen to anyone so be prepared. Keep an extra blanket, snacks, shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, and road flares in your car in case of emergency. It never hurts to be extra safe. 

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