Best Auto Repair Shop in ERIE, PA

Erie, PA once won the All-American City Award. Situated halfway between Buffalo, NY and Cleveland, OH, the city is home to slightly under 100,000 people. Due to its location along the Great Lake of the same name, which served as the home port of naval commander Oliver Perry’s famous USS Niagara, Erie is often referred to as the “Flagship City”. The adjacent lake creates harsh winters with heavy amounts of lake effect snow for the area. Each summer, however, over four million people visit Erie for tourism, recreation, and to enjoy local attractions like Presque Isle State Park, Splash Lagoon, the Erie Zoo, and Waldameer Park. Whether you are taking your kids to these local hot-spots in the summer, or commuting along I-90 during a snow storm in the winter, you want to make sure everything on your vehicle is running properly. When you need auto repair services or your state inspection is due, rely on the team at Precision Alignment & Brake to get you back on the road in a timely manner.


The team at our auto repair shop prides themselves on keeping Erie, PA drivers safe. This means making sure their vehicles are in proper working order. The state of Pennsylvania requires that all registered vehicles obtain an annual inspection to verify that they are running safely and efficiently. At Precision Alignment & Brake, we offer quality state inspections. Our techs are certified to perform these inspections and do so in a timely manner. If we find any issues with your vehicle, we can conveniently repair them right in our shop. Our services include brake repairs, oil changes, exhaust system maintenance, and much more, plus we also stock a variety of auto parts and truck accessories, including tonneau covers. Call or visit us today for a reliable auto repair shop in Erie, PA!