Signs Your Vehicle’s Brakes Need Repairs

Never Ignore These Warning Signs  Here at Precision Alignment & Brake, we specialize in brake repair services. We have helped countless car owners who have had problems with their brakes. If you believe that your vehicle’s brakes need repairs, it is essential that you come by our shop as quickly as possible. You will not […]

Winter Driving Tips

Stay safe this winter by following a few of our tips. Get Winter Tires Many people don’t notice their tires until there’s an issue like a flat or excessive wear that cannot pass inspection. But here in Erie, PA, winter throws a lot at your tires, and it’s smart to invest in snow tires. Snow […]

Summer Car Maintenance

Keep Your Car In Top Shape This Summer So once again, we made it through a long cold winter, and summer is just around the corner. You have the camping gear packed up in the trunk, your favorite song playing on the radio, and nothing but an open road ahead of you. Before you head […]

Preparing Your Car For Winter

Anyone who has seen a Pennsylvania winter knows that you need your car to be in its best shape to keep you and your family safe. Roads get snowy and icy and trips get longer so it is essential to make sure your car is ready to face Mother Nature this year. Here are some tips to prepare your car for this winter: